Monash Primary School


General Information for Parents

Admission to School

The admission of children aged five shall be provided for on the first day of Term 1, but they are not under compulsion to attend school until they turn six years of age.  Children must be 5 before the 1st May to be able to start on the first day of that year.  After this date, children begin on the first day of the following year.

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Attendance and Absences

All children are expected to attend every day the school is open unless they are ill.

It is a Departmental requirement that a reason is given for all student absences. This can be done in a number of ways.

When a child is absent for three days without a reason, the school will make contact with you. Please note that it is not appropriate for a sibling to inform a teacher or the front office that their brother/sister is absent; an adult is required to inform the school.

If families plan to take their children out of school for more than 3 days, for family holiday for example, an 'Exemption Request' form needs to be completed.  These are available from the school office.

While at times, absences for reasons other than illness cannot be avoided, these should be kept to a minimum. A child may not be removed from the school during the day without the knowledge of front office staff and the class teacher.  Students must be signed out through the front office if they leave earlier than end of day dismissal.

In the case of custody disputes, the child will only be released to the parent authorised by the courts, or in the absence of a court order, to the parent who signed the admission form when the child was initially enrolled in the school. Any parent in these circumstances should keep the school well informed.

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Beginning Reception Students

During their first 4 weeks of schooling, there are options available for Reception students (and families) to help them to adjust to the transition to school. Reception staff recognise that children cope with this change in different ways and are prepared to be flexible to accommodate the needs of your child.

If you have concerns about your child’s wellbeing due to overtiredness during this time, please contact your child’s class teacher to discuss support options.

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Emergencies at School

Occasionally, students are injured or become unwell at school.  If this happens, we endeavour to contact a parent/carer or nominated emergency contact to come and collect the child.  Until they are picked up from school, we care for the child in our sick room, or arrange for emergency attention if this is considered necessary.

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Emergency Information

As part of the enrolment process, you will be required to provide emergency contact information. If any of this information changes, you are asked to advise the school office without delay, so that we can update our student records.  Where known medical problems exist, appropriate medication must be left at the school, together with a completed medication instruction form, available at the school office. Medications are not to be kept by the student in their bag or classroom.

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Homework helps to reinforce learning and develop skills and abilities.

When homework is set the school ensures that -

It is a school expectation that all students commit to reading practice as part of their weekly routines at home.

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Leaving School Grounds/Arriving Late to School

Students leaving the care of the school during school hours must leave via the front office, so appropriate paperwork can be completed.  It a student arrives at school after morning assembly has finished, they need to sign in at the front office so attendance records are updated.

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Length of Time in Junior Primary

Children are admitted to school at the beginning of Term One, if their birthday is before the 1st May of that year.

Children will have 12 terms, that is, three years, in Junior Primary year levels.

Parents/carers are encouraged to enrol children at the end of the term prior to commencing school, during their child's transition period.

This enrolment procedure needs to be applied in line with kindergarten constraints, as children are only entitled to a maximum of four terms in kindergarten, prior to beginning in Reception.

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Lost Property

Any clothing or items, which are found around the school, are held in the 'lost property' box in the Library.  Families and students are encouraged to inspect these at any time.  We recommend that all clothing is named so it can be returned if lost.

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Lunches Orders

Lunches from the Monash Store may be ordered at school upon arrival.  Lunch order bags are available in the classroom.

Children are not permitted to leave the school for the purpose of buying from the shop.

The school runs a lunch program fortnightly, on a Friday, which is advertised through the school's newsletter.

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Newsletters and Communication With Families

A newsletter is published each fortnight, on Tuesday, and is expected to be delivered to parents via the children.  Please ask your child for these newsletters. This is our main means of communication between the school and home. Spare copies are available at the school office should you need one.  You can also download and/or view the newsletters online by clicking on the newsletter link in the menu above, or by clicking here. You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed to view the newsletter, which is a free download from Adobe.

Other circulars and class newsletters will be sent home from the school by class teachers at various times.

Another communication and information sharing avenue used by the school is the SkoolBag app, which can be downloaded from app stores. This is used at various times to remind families of school events, ask for assistance or input and to share information.   Student absences can also be advised via the SkoolBag app.

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Parking / Picking Up Children

Kiss & Drop Zone

Monash School has a ‘Kiss ‘n’ Drop’ zone at the front of the school along Jackson Street. Accordingly, this area is a No Parking area between 8:30 and 9:00 am each morning allowing children to be dropped off without them having to cross the road.

Fenwick Terrace

Fenwick Terrace has parking available on the school side. Please note this is a particularly busy area after school and drivers are asked to exercise extreme caution when leaving this area. The area on the other side of Fenwick Terrace is strictly no parking and needs to be adhered to for the benefit of student safety.  No parking areas are clearly signed. All children who walk or ride bicycles are to leave via the double gate on Jackson Street and move down the path in front of the school. Back to Top



Reporting to Families

The school provides information about student progress and achievement against curriculum standards in a formal way to parents and carers via written reports at the end of Term 2 & 4.  Face-to-face meetings are offered during Terms 1 & 3.  Families are also invited to discuss their child's progress and achievement with teachers as they arise throughout the year.

The school welcomes you to visit your child’s class before assembly or after school to see what your child has been learning and to get a sense of their learning environments.  If you wish to speak with the teacher about your child's progress or to share information with them, we ask you to contact them to arrange a mutually convenient time to do this.

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School Hours

Time Period
9.00 am to 11.00 am Whole school assembly followed by Lessons
11.00 am to 11.20 am Recess
11.20 am to 12.45 pm Lessons
12.45 pm to 1.35 pm 10 minutes lunch eating followed by play
1.35 pm to 3.20 pm Lessons
3.20 pm Dismissal

Students are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes before assembly to enable them to prepare for the day and complete morning routines.

Supervision of students is provided from 8:30am, and classes are usually open by 8:45am for morning preparation.  Students should not be on the school grounds before 8.30am, unless an arrangement has been made with the Principal.

Any variation on these times will be communicated to parents through newsletters or the SkoolBag app.

Please note that prior to school term vacations, the school will dismiss at 2.20 pm

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School Uniforms

Following a highly supportive parent survey, it was determined that a concentrated effort will be made to encourage and require students to support the school uniform policy at Monash.

The uniform allows considerable flexibility in terms of choice of outfits and minimises costs. The maroon school polo shirts and polar fleece jumpers with the school logo embroidered on the front are available for purchase at the school.  Shorts/pants/skirts should be black, navy or grey.

Polo shirt  $20.00 
Sports shirt  $22.00
Shorts (printed with 'Monash' on the leg)  $20.00                                           
Polar fleece jumper (full zip)  $30.00  
Polar fleece jumper (1/4 zip)  $28.00                



 All efforts are made to maintain our very reasonable dress code, for all students.

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Sun Protection Policy

Students are required to wear a hat during outside play and lessons when in the sun throughout the whole year.  There are a variety of shaded areas around the school that students can play in if they do not have a hat.

The school has maroon bucket hats in a range of sizes available for purchase.  These are the preferred style and colour of hat, as part of the school uniform.  Caps and beanies are not in line with our Sunsafe and Uniform Policies.

Parents may like to purchase 2 hats, one for use each day and a spare in the school bag.

Bucket style hat  $7.00

In addition, sunscreen is available in classrooms for students to apply, or they can bring their own from home.  Our full Sun Protection Policy is available for viewing in the Planning and Reporting section of this website.

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Student Consumables

Books and stationery are issued at the beginning of each school year. The Material and Services charge typically covers the stationery that students will need throughout the year, assuming they do not misplace or use them unnecessaily.

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Valuables at School

From time to time, students are keen to bring valuable items to school, ranging from collector cards/items, to quite valuable jewellery. In line with this, families are advised that this practice is strongly discouraged.

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