Monash Primary School


Parent Involvement in School


Governing Council

The Governing Council usually meets on the second Tuesday of each month, excepting school holidays.

The purpose of the Governing Council is to support the school with its educational programmes, the grounds and the allocation of school funds.

Elections for membership of Governing Council are conducted annually at the AGM in March.

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Parents and Friends

The Parents & Friends of Monash Primary School meet on the first Tuesday of each month, excepting the school holidays.

As a social group they help to bring parents, families and friends of our school together by hosting morning teas at the beginning of each term and assisting with Sports Day, Concert Night and other school events.

Parents and Friends also assists with special events for our students including Discos, Splash Day and fundraising.

Our fundraising provides funds for additional educations items, excursions and performances as well as additional IT items for all students.

All parents are very welcome to attend. 

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The Mammoth Monash Market

Where many schools may hold a number of fundraising events over the course of the year, Monash conducts one major fundraiser, each year.


Proceeds from the Market have supported both curriculum initiatives and school facility improvements.


We’ve worked hard since 1987 and have developed a function that has evolved into a significant regional event, over and above being a quality fundraiser for our school.

Please be ready to become actively involved in our school’s popular project.  There are many ways that families can be involved in the Market & all support is greatly appreciated.

The success of the Market is due to the involvement, creativity, energy and perseverance of our entire staff and school community. As a part of the Monash Primary School community, we welcome your support.

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Classroom Assistance

Assistance in the classroom is always welcomed, and is a worthwhile experience for students and volunteers.

Calls for classroom assistance are made from time to time by teachers.  Such work also provides excellent opportunities for community members with special skills to assist with small groups.

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Excursions and Camps Assistance

Excursions and camps are a valued support to learning at Monash Primary.  In order to maximise the learning for students, additional adult assistance is often invited to lower adult/child ratio and for transport of students.

Teachers may provide a general invitation to all student parent/carers.  Where restrictions to adult participants applies, invitations may be communicated advising of limits and clear criteria for selection after consultation with class teacher and the Principal.

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After Hours Sports

Information on junior sports within the Monash/Berri-Barmera area will be promoted via the school newsletter.

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